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School of Engineering
University of Greenwich
Medway Campus
Chatham Maritime
Kent, ME4 4TB
Tel: +44(0)1634 883557

Fax: +44(0)1634 883153

E-mail: n.j.cox@gre.ac.uk

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We offer a wide range  R & D services to industry in areas such as: Pb-free soldering, Reliability testing, Material characterisation and modelling. Seminars/training on Rheological Characterisation are also available.


IMAPS UK Microtech 2007 Award for EMERG staff
4th School of Engineering Research Conference 2006
EMERG team at the 1st ESTC 2006 Dresden, Germany
EMERG Group Leader wins the SME-TEEM 2006 Awards
EMERG team at IMAPS 2006
EMERG at the Particle Characterisation Seminar Cambridge 2006                                       
EMERG team at the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2006
Research seminar by Professor Bauer (University of Applied Sciences, Dresden, Germany)  on Electronics Packaging and Inter-connection research.
EMERG Recent PhD Completion

MAT21: Microsystems Assembly Technology for
21st Century

This multi-disciplinary project seeks to establish the next generation of Microsystems Assembly Technology for the 21st century. It aims to produce micro-engineered interconnections of geometry one order of magnitude less than is currently available... read more

and Modelling
of the Rheology of Solder pastes

Solder paste is the primary joining medium in the assembly of surface mounted electronic devices, and solder paste printing is a crucial and error-prone step in the assembly process. An improved understanding of solder paste properties would allow better control...
read more


Key Milestones

Novel "Detection and characterisation of intermetallics in small scale Pb-free solder joints using high energy microfocus X-ray diffraction".
Completion of project on formation of inter-metallic compounds
New X-Ray Imaging and Inspection Equipment

Low Cost Flip-Chip Assemblies

Solder paste is the primary joining medium used in the assembly of electronic devices. The contemporary technology available in the industry can only print down to 150 micron, because the paste materials are not designed for deposition and reflow below the 150micron limit... read more


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